The GLF76321 / GLF76321T is an ultra-thin, ultra efficient IQSmartTM load switch with an integrated Deep Sleep timer for wearables and IoT devices. The /SRO pin enables a whole system to enter ultra deep sleep power conservation mode by disconnecting the system from the battery charge, with a ultra-low standby current of 7nA typical. This feature significantly extends system battery life in devices during shipping or periods of extended off time.

GLF Efuse

0.97mm x 0.147mm 
0.35mm thick
0.5mm pitch
6 bump


  • Deep Sleep Mode by /SRO and OFF Pins
  •  Integrated Delay Time(Hold Time)
  • Ultra-Low ISD: 7 nA Typ @ 3.6VBAT
  • Ultra-Low IQ: 3 nA Typ @ 3.6VBAT
  • Low RON : 31 mΩ Typ @ 3.6VBAT
  • Turn-Off Delay Time, 7s, Controlled Output Rise Time


  • Smart Credit Cards
  • Thin Wearables
  • Thin Medical Portables
  • Thin Mobiles
  • Thin Battery Powered Systems

GLF_loadswitch2.pngThe ideal load switch would draw zero current when the application is in standby mode.
We believe GLF’s IQSmart™ load switches are the closest you can get to perfection.

Our ultra-efficient and compact load switches not only offer ultra-low leakage current – up to 50 times lower than other load switches – they also exhibit the lowest RDS(ON) for a given small form factor.


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