3-Channel IQSmartTM Load Switch with Sequence Control

GLF78231 : 1.27mm x 1.67mm x 0.55mm
GLF78231T : 1.27mm x 1.67mm x 0.35mm


  •  3 Switches with Integrated Sequence Control
     Programmable ON and OFF Delay Times  Ultra-Low IQ: 1nA Typ @ 3.3V Input Per Channel
     Ultra-Low ISD: 5nA Typ @ 3.3V Input Per Channel
     Low RON = 65 mΩ Typ. @ 3.3VIN1
    90 mΩ Typ. @ 1.8VIN2
    120 mΩ Typ. @ 1.2VIN3
     IOUT Max = 1.0A Per Channel
     Controlled Rise Time: 400us at 3.3VIN
     Internal EN Pull-Down Resistor
     Integrated Output Discharge Switch On Each Channel
     Ultra-Small WL-CSP Package



  • Thin Wearables
  • Thin Medical Portables
  • Thin Mobiles
  • Thin Battery Powered Systems

The GLF78231 / GLF78231T is a 3-channel integrated switch with a programmable sequence control function. Each switch is a 1A rated rating per a channel, which has an integrated slew rate control. Its best in class efficiency makes it an ideal choice for use in IOT, mobile, and wearable electronics.

The GLF78231 / GLF78231T has an integrated sequence timing function with adjustable ON and OFF delay times for 3 different power input sources with one enable pin control.


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