Location: Santa Clara, CA

 About GLF

GLF Integrated Power, Inc. is a Silicon Valley, California based Semiconductor Company. Founded in 2013, we provide breakthrough, ultra-efficient, ultra-small, silicon power control and protection IC.

We launched our first IQSmartTM, ultra-efficient load switch device in 2015 and achieved immediate design wins at major wearable, SSD, and portable device manufacturers. Our portfolio is now actively expanding.

Our team has a history and track record of leading in power and analog design. When the IoT, ultra-portable, and wearable revolution was starting, we saw the need for a new generation of even more efficient power switch devices. This was when GLF Integrated Power was born. We developed new IP and together, we enable effective, efficient, and differentiated power management solutions that are both cost effective and simple to design with.

Job Type

Part-time (starting 16hrs per week, leading to full-time), contract


$40/hr for the first 3 months, then will increase depending on performance

Responsibilities :

  • Support customers to solve the technical problems on system and application;
  • Promote products to customers and assist in R&D to solve problems in customer’s application;
  • Provide technical training to external Sales representatives and distribution partners
  • Attend joint sales calls in person or on video acting as technical liason for Sales director, rep firms and distribution partners for US, South America and Europe
  • Test and study the performance of related power management products;
  • Provide the market survey and research;
  • Assist Application and Marketing with writing white papers, application notes technical documents, and any otherother related documents for company's product promotion;
  • Cooperate with sales and marketing departments to develop sales and technical support strategies;
  • Participate in product exhibitions, lunch and learns and trade shows as a technical representative.


  • Bachelor degree or above in electronics related major;
  • 5 years of relevant experience, familiar with the electronic industry, understand the popular electronic product architecture in the market;
  • Have a solid theoretical foundation of analog circuits, be familiar with the principles of operational amplifiers, DC-DC, analog switches and other devices, and be able to read various schematics and layouts;
  • Have a strong ability of using various test equipment including oscilloscope, multi-meter, etc., to analyze and solve circuit problems;
  • Have good communication and presentation skills;
  • Strong self-management and self-driving, teamwork ability.


If you are interested with this position, please send your resume to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to join our team and grow with us.

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