Efficient, Protected, Silicon Power Switching

Efficient, Protected, Silicon Power Switching

Breakthrough IQSmart™ Efficiency Specifications - copy

Breakthrough IQSmart™ Efficiency Specifications

Extending the Operating Life of Your Products

Extending the Operating Life of Your Products

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Who is GLF Integrated Power?

GLFgrouppictureOur Mission is to help your wearables, mobile devices, and IoT products live longer and more efficient lives.

We Build protected Power Switch devices. These are silicon components. Depending on their exact function and configuration, these are also known as load switches, efuses, and power multiplexers and so on. These devices are intended to route power, turn power on and off, and protect your sensitive electronics from faults. By”faults” we mean surges and spikes including Over Current, Over Voltage, Under Voltage, Inrush, Reverse Current, and Over Temperature and so on. Bottom line: we route power and help protect your electronics from power faults.

We hope you Choose GLF because our technology gives your products an efficiency and lifetime advantage. Our ultra-efficient protected power switch technology has best in class efficiency features including ultra-low on and off state leakage currents as well as ultra-low operating resistance. Don’t see what you need? Tell us.

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The Ultimate Loadswitch

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We know it's possible that not everyone gets super excited by the idea of a new load switch – but they should

Load Switches are used everywhere. A typical wearable band may use from 1 to 6 in a single design. Their function? Like a light switch – they turn power on when you need it, and off when you don’t.

A load switch seems simple, but not all switches are created equal. Worse, a poorly selected load switch can cost you precious battery life or add significant design complexity. As form factors shrink and power efficiency becomes increasingly important, selecting the right load switch becomes increasingly important.

Our customers tell us that the ultimate load switch would have the following characteristics:

  1. The Off should be Off – with zero off-state leakage. The Off- state leakage is wasted power.
  2. On should be undetectable – with zero resistance, zero operating voltage drop, and zero power consumption
  3. They should protect the system – limiting power glitches and uncontrolled states
  4. The part should be small – board space is at a premium.

Easy, right? Problem is that when actually implemented, these are conflicting requirements.

Enter GLF Integrated Power. GLF’s is seeing strong market demand primarily because our proprietary technology pushes the envelope in achieving the ultimate load switch. Our research indicates we offer not only the best in class off-state leakages in the industry but the lowest RDS for a given small form factor and voltage rating... Finally, our parts help protect the load and system with protection features like slew rate control, and output discharge. Slew rate control helps prevent upstream system voltage droop during turn on. Meanwhile, during turn off, integrated output discharge pulls the switch output to ground when switched off. Did we mention our parts are small?

GLF Integrated Power was formed to help your wearables, mobile devices, and IoT products live longer and more efficient lives. Our load switch technology does exactly that.