Location: Chengdu City, Sichuan Province, China

Phone: 86-28-64109885 or 13980970522
Industry: semiconductor
Company Size: 60+
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Founded: 2016

About GLF

GLF Integrated Power, Inc. is a Silicon Valley, California Semiconductor Company. Founded in 2013, we provide breakthrough, ultra-efficient, ultra-small, silicon power control and protection IC.

We launched our first IQSmartTM, ultra-efficient load-switch device in 2015 and achieved immediate design wins at major wearable, SSD, and portable device manufacturers. Our portfolio is now actively expanding.


About the Position

  • Title: Testing Manager
  • Reports to: Head of R&D
  • Location : Chengdu
  • Relocation: Eligible
  • Seniority Level: Mid-Senior Level
  • Employment Type: Full-time


Job Responsibility

  1. Responsible for the test development and progress management of new product research and development projects (power protection, load switch chips);
  2. Develop product test plans, design test hardware and program development, test debugging and bench verification, reliability verification, and test data analysis;
  3. Coordinate and update the project schedule with wafer fabs and packaging and testing plants, and solve production and test problems in time;
  4. Responsible for arranging personnel to make full use of the testing equipment of the packaging and testing plant for on-site testing and Debug work;
  5. Obey the organization arrangement, formulate and follow up the progress of the team project;
  6. Assist the project management manager to complete the process of transferring new projects from R&D to mass production;
  7. Responsible for all tests on the Production line, including optimization of test time, improvement of yield, and maintenance of test hardware;
  8. Lead the team to continuously learn new product knowledge and improve the team's technical capabilities;
  9. Good English written and oral communication skills;
  10. Responsible for the management of the department's technical drawings, technical data filing and computer backup;
  11. Responsible for formulating a strict technical data delivery and custody system, and reasonably and fully utilizing technical data.


  1. Master degree or above in electronics major
  2. At least 5 years of experience in simulation and hybrid power chip testing and development, and 1 to 3 years of project management experience
  3. Familiar with the testing technology of power management products, understand semiconductor packaging materials and methods
  4. Familiar with ACCOTEST STS8200 test machine platform
  5. Responsible, optimistic, and able to withstand pressure
  6. Fluent in English

Competitive Benefits

  • Help the candidate to get work permission in China
  • Provide accommodation
  • Provide round-trip air tickets once a year
  • Provide Commercial insurance
  • China Holiday benefits
  • Various team activities
  • Compensation negotiable

Please send your CV or Resume to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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