Steve Taranovich praises GLF as a start-up with a great idea backed by a talented team

Santa Clara— March 28, 2016 — EDN editor Steve Taranovich has ranked the GLF’s IQSmart™ load switch technology second out of the top 10 “must-have innovations” featured at APEC 2016. The blog post can be found on the Planet Analog website.

Taranovich said of his choice: “I love new start-ups with great innovative ideas and when I met with Eileen Ni Sun, GLF Chairman and CEO and Adrian Mikolajczak, COO/VP Marketing I was very impressed with their competence and plan for future directions.”

Taranovich notes how GLF’s ultra-low-leakage load switches “will greatly improve battery life in wearables and any battery-operated product as well as save huge wasted power from the grid!” He added: “Stay tuned for an expansion of this product as well as more new innovative architectures from this new and talented team.”

Eileen Ni Sun, president and founder of GLF, responded by saying: “We’re are thrilled that Steve Taranovich, a well-respected editor, appreciates how the extremely low off-state leakage of our load switches represent a real breakthrough for wearables designers. As he mentions in his blog, our goal is to educate designers that low leakage in standby can make a real difference in extending time between charging devices where even the smallest amount of wasted current makes a huge difference. We are very gratified that Steve appreciates the significant benefit of our new load switches. This is our first new product announcement and we couldn’t be more pleased with this immediate embrace by the industry.”

The GLF71311 load switch offers these best-in-class features: an off-state leakage current (ISD) of 5 nA, typ., at 3.3 VIN; a logic operating current (IQ) of less than 10 nA, typ., up to 5.5 V; and an on-state resistance (RON) of 34 mΩs, max, at 5.5V and 41mΩs (max) at 3.3V. Add to this a tiny 0.97 by 0.97mm form factor, and designers now have an ultra-efficient alternative for improving power efficiency in their wearables, mobile medical devices and other battery-powered devices that is significantly better than competing load switches – and dramatically better than using discrete devices.