Targets BLE Wireless Earphones, Hearing Aids, Wearables and Smart IoT Devices

Only 0.55mm thick, the high-performance GLF73610 product family features a full range of battery & ship mode protection functions;innovative architecture limits external components for cost saving, less board space.

GLF73610_Press-Release_image_web600x400.jpg GLF Integrated Power,  introduces a new IQSmartTM battery-protection IC family, perfect for BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) wireless earphones, hearing aids, wearables and other small, thin batterypowered devices. Housed in a tiny (0.97 mm x 0.97 mm x 0.55 mm) chip-scale package, the GLF73610 product family is one of the industry’s smallest, lithium-ion/polymer battery-protection ICs with models for 4.2V, 4.35V, 4.4V and 4.45V lithium battery cells. GLF’s advanced IQSmart load switch topology, requiring minimal external components, virtually eliminates deep discharge of the battery during product shipment, storage and stand-by.

The GLF73610 IC’s “Shipping Mode” feature (SM pin) is designed to maintain battery capacity and provide discharge protection for non-removable, pre-charged batteries over long delivery periods. The IC’s “Zero Volt” feature allows even a deeply discharged battery to be recharged. Additionally, the GLF73610’s selflock feature prevents battery leakage during manufacturing. The GLF73610 IQSmart IC’s accurate overcharge/overdischarge voltage-protection features ensure that rechargeable batteries operate under safe conditions. When a battery is charged past the overvoltage detection level, the GLF73610’s charging switch opens at a preset delay time. The short circuit delay time also prevents false triggers that might open the switch. If battery voltage decreases below its overdischarge level, the switch cuts off the battery’s power rail, resulting in ultra-low battery consumption. And when the load current reaches the short-circuit protection level, the IC switches and remains off to avoid potential system damage. “The GLF73610 product family ensures that rechargeable lithium battery cells are safely charged and supply power to downstream systems,” said Eileen Sun, President and CEO at GLF Integrated Power. “It also prevents devices with non-removable batteries from discharging during shipping. This ultra-compact, high-performance IC is ideal for use in IoT, wearables and other tiny-form-factor electronics.”

  • Price: $0.38 (in 10K quantities)
  • Lead Time: Small volumes: In stock;
  • large quantities: 16weeks (ARO)