GLF Integrated Power’s Latest IQSmart™ AEC-Q100 Qualified IC Load Switches Offer Industry-Leading Low-Leakage Current for Automotive and Commercial-Grade Systems

New IQSmart™ IC load switches are offered in two versions; AEC-Q100 qualified ICs with wide temperature range; one version with true reverse-current blocking feature

GLF1111Q_GLF1200Q-block-diagram.jpgSanta Clara, CA — October 6, 2022 —GLF Integrated Power, manufacturer of innovative ultra-low-power load switches, is pleased to introduce two new Automotive grade AEC-Q100 IQSmart™ load switch ICs. The AEC-Q100 qualified GLF1111Q and GLF1200Q are rated for a wide temperature range (Grade 1 -40°C to +125°C). The  GLF1111Q provides industry-leading, battery-saving leakage current (2nA, typ.).

 The GLF1200Q features a true reverse-current blocking, which prevents a backup power source from being discharged when an input node is shorted. The GLF1200Q works all of the time regardless of on or off state.

Applications for the GLF1111Q and GLF1200Q include infotainment and cluster display systems, diagnostic systems, passive entry/start systems (PEPS), customer premise equipment (CPE), face recognition systems and intelligent cockpit and autonomous driving applications.

Both the GLF1111Q and GLF1200Q IQSmart™ devices, packaged in a SOT-23-5L, offer easy visual inspection of solder joints. Both the GLF1111Q and GLF1200Q feature integrated slew-rate control that limit inrush upon turn on, therefore minimizing the effects of voltage droop.

Each load switch IC supports a wide-input voltage range (1.5V to 5.5V), meaning a single device can be used in a variety of voltage rail applications, which helps to simplify inventory management. And both are offered with an optional output discharge switch.

“We have added two new devices to our IQSmart™ family to offer high performance in more applications,” said Eileen Sun, President, and CEO at GLF Integrated Power. “The GLF1111Q and GLF1200Q address the ever-expanding, evolving range of automotive electronic systems that require a high-performance load switch with a wide-ambient operating temperature range to assure reliable, long-term operations.”