Ultra-Efficient, IQSmartTM Battery Protection Switch

GLF73510 package view

0.97mm x 0.97mm 
0.55mm thick
0.5mm pitch
4 bump


  • Off Threshold Voltage to Protect Battery Discharge:
    VTH_OFF : VBAT=3.1V
    Contact GLF for a different VTH level
  • Switch is activated only by the VOUT voltage of a charger output
  • Ultra-Low IQ: 0.5µA Typ @ VBAT=3.6V
  • Ultra-Low ISD:
    2nA Typ @ VBAT=1.1V
    6nA Typ @ VBAT=3.6V
  • Low RON :
    30mΩ Typ @ VBAT=3.6V
    28mΩ Typ @ VBAT=4.2V
  • IOUT Max: 2A
  • Temperature Range: -40 to 85°C
  • HBM: 6kV, CDM: 2kV
  • Ultra-Small: 0.97mm x 0.97mm


  • Battery protection
  • Wearables / IoT Devices
  • Mobile Devices
  • Mobile Medical


GLF 71311 schematic


GLF73510 application schematic

The GLF73510 is an IQSmartTM ultra-efficiency, 2A rated switch with the accurate turn-off threshold to prevent a battery from being discharged deeply.

When the voltage of a battery decreases to the off threshold voltage level, the GLF73510 is turned off, consuming an ultra-low leakage current (ISD) to save the battery. The GLF73510 remains in the off state until a higher voltage is applied to VOUT pin. Note that the GLF73510 is enabled only by VOUT voltage with a charger output.

With the higher VOUT voltage from a charger applied, the GLF73510 is fully turned on and monitors VBAT voltage. When the VOUT voltage of a charger is less than the on threshold voltage, a battery can be charged through the body diode of the main switch.

In case that a charged battery is assembled without a higher VOUT applied, the GLF73510 continues to stay at the sleep mode, consuming an ultra-low leakage current (ISD) to save the battery, during shipping or storage.

The GLF73510 is available in 0.97mm x 0.97mm x 0.55mm wafer level chip scale package (WLCSP).


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