Nano Current Consumed IQSmartTM Battery Protection Switch

GLF73710 package view

0.97mm x 0.97mm 
0.55mm thick
0.5 mm pitch
4 bump


  • VOD: Over Discharge Detection: 2.88 VBAT
  • Load Short Circuit Protection with Delay Time to avoid a false trigger
  • GLF73710 is Activated by Applying VON to the VOUT Pin from Charger
  • 1.5 A Continuous Charging Current Capability from VOUT to VBAT Pin
  • Low RON : 31 mΩ Typ. @ 3.6 VBAT
  • Quiescent Current, IQ = 700 nA Typ @ 4.2 VBAT
  • Shutdown Current, ISD = 35 nA Typ @ VBAT < VOD
  • Latch-off at Over Discharge Detection and Short Circuit Protection. Apply VON to VOUT pin to turn on GLF73710 switch again
  • 0.5 V Battery Minimum Voltage for Charging
  • 0.97 mm x 0.97 mm x 0.55 mm Chip Scale Package 4 Bumps, 0.5 mm Pitch


  • BLE Wireless Earphone
  • Wearables / IoT Devices
  • Hearing Aid


GLF 71311 schematic


GLF73710 Application schematic


The GLF73710 is an IQSmartTM ultra-efficient, full battery protection switch with an accurate over charge voltage, over discharge voltage, and short circuit protection for lithium-Ion/Polymer battery safety.

The over discharge voltage protections keep a rechargeable battery working within the desired safe operating condition. When the battery voltage decreases below the over discharge detection voltage level, the GLF73710 switch is turned off immediately to cut off the battery power rail, consuming an ultra-low leakage current (ISD) to save the battery. In addition, when the load current reaches the ISC short circuit protection level, the GLF73710 switch is turned off and will maintain the off state to avoid any serious damage to system. The short circuit delay time avoids any false trigger which might open the switch.

When a charged battery cell is connected with the GLF73710, the GLF73710 remains in the off state and consumes an ultra-low leakage current (ISD) until the VON voltage is applied to VOUT pin. Note that the GLF73710 is activated only by a VON voltage from a charger output.


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