GLF76521 / T

Integrated Load Switch with Deep Sleep Mode

GLF76521 Package View

0.97mm x 1.47mm 
0.55mm thick
[GLF76521T 0.35 mm typ]
0.35mm pitch
6 bump


  • Ultra-Low ISD: 7nA Typ @ 3.6VIN
  • Ultra-Low IQ: 3nA Typ @ 5.5VIN
  • Low RON : 31mΩ Typ @ 5.5VIN
  • IOUT Max: 2A
  • Wide Input Range: 1.8V to 5.5V
    • 6V abs max
  • Deep Sleep Mode by /SRO and OFF pins to disconnect the downstream system from the battery source
  • Integrated Delay Time(Hold Time) to Deep Sleep, 1.8 s
  • Turn-Off Delay Time, 1.8 s
  • Controlled Output Rise Time: 1ms at 3.6VBAT
  • Integrated Output Discharge Switch When Disabled
  • Operating Temperature Range: -40 to 85 °C
  • HBM: 6 kV, CDM: 2 kV
  • Ultra-Small: 0.97 mm x 1.47 mm WLCSP


  • Wearables / Smart Cards
  • IoT Devices
  • Medical Devices


GLF 71311 schematic


GLF76521 Application Schematic


The GLF76521 / GLF76521T is an ultra-thin, ultra-efficient IQSmartTM load switch with an integrated deep sleep timer for wearables and IoT devices.

The /SRO pin activates ultra-deep sleep mode, conserving power by isolating the system from the battery with ultra-low standby current of 7 nA typical. The load switch, placed between the battery and the system, can help significantly extend system battery life in mobile devices during shipping or periods of extended off time.

The part supports two methods for entering deep sleep mode: through user input or interrupt initiated events. Deep sleep can be enabled or exited by holding the /SRO pin low for a predefined delay time (ideal for user control) or by providing a rising edge signal to the OFF pin (ideal for logic or interrupt control).

To exit deep sleep, the user can hold down the /SRO pin to ground for 0.3 seconds, or simply connect a charger adapter to trigger the Wake pin.

The GLF76521 / GLF76521T helps to reduce power consumption with the best in class RON and a breakthrough on state IQ of only 3 nA typical when the switch is on.

The GLF76521 / GLF76521T integrated 1 ms slew rate control can also enhance system reliability by mitigating bus voltage swings during switching events. Uncontrolled switching can generate high inrush currents that result in voltage droop and / or bus reset events. The GLF slew rate control specifically limits inrush currents during turn-on to minimize voltage droop. The output discharge functions ensures the output voltage will drop off quickly when the switch is disabled.

The GLF76521 is available in 0.97mm x 1.47mm x 0.55mm wafer level chip scale package (WLCSP).

The GLF76521T Ultra-thin: 0.35 mm typ, 0.4 mm Max.


NOTE: Spec values & feature set for "Coming Soon" and "Development" devices are provided on a best estimate basis, based on available data at time of estimate. Values are subject to change. GLF makes no warrenties that it will release or offer for sale products that are marked “Coming Soon” or “Development” "Integrated Features" Table Key: √ = Feature Included, P = Programmable Feature

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