GLF’s Introduces Ultra-High-Efficiency 4.5A Two-Input Power Mux for IoT Applications  

GLF74130  : 1.27mm x 1.67mm x 0.55mm


  • Two-Input and Single-Output Power Multiplexer Switch 
  • Automatic and Manual Input Selection Modes 
  • Supply Voltage Range : 1.5 V to 5.5 V
  • RON = 20 mΩ Typ. at 5.5 VIN1 or VIN2
  • 4.5 A Continuous Output Current Capability Per Channel 
  • Ultra-Low Supply Current at Operation    

                 IQ : 4 uA Typ at 5.5 VIN 

  • Ultra-Low Standby Current                      

                 ISD : 50 nA Typ at 5.5 VIN

  • Reverse Current Blocking when Disabled 

  • Operating Temperature Range: -40 to 85 °C 

  • HBM: 6 kV, CDM: 2 kV 

  • 1.27 mm x 1.67 mm x 0.55 mm, 12 Bump Wafer Level Chip Scale Package



  • IoT Tracking System 
  • Smart Devices 
  • Communication / Network System
  • Subsystem with Backup Power





The GLF74130 IQSmartTM is an advanced technology fully integrated power path load switch with the ability to automatically select between two input sources depending on the input voltage level of each source. The power path switch is targeted for the data storage and mobile markets and is therefore available as a chip scale package utilizing 12 bumps in a 1.27 mm x 1.67 mm x 0.55 mm die size to deliver the highest performance lowest cost power path switch solution in the industry.The GLF74130 has a built-in reverse current blocking protection. When both switches are at the off mode, the GLF74130 prevents the reverse current from a higher output voltage to the input side.The EN pin can be used along with the SEL pin to control the switches of the GLF74130. By the combination of these two pins, one of input source selection modes is set among the automatic, VIN1, or VIN2 selection.


NOTE: Spec values & feature set for "Coming Soon" and "Development" devices are provided on a best estimate basis, based on available data at time of estimate. Values are subject to change. GLF makes no warrenties that it will release or offer for sale products that are marked “Coming Soon” or “Development” "Integrated Features" Table Key: √ = Feature Included, P = Programmable Feature

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