Santa Clara, CA.— April 26, 2018 —GLF Integrated Power, a leading producer of innovative ultra-low-power battery protection ICs for portable and wearable electronics, introduces the GLF76321 IQSmart™ IC with “Deep Sleep” power conservation mode. While in this mode, the device operates with a typical standby current (ISD) of just 7nA – which is negligible compared to the typical self-discharge of Li-ion batteries. By virtually disconnecting the battery during shipment and storage, the GLF76321 enables products to operate immediately out of the box without the need for recharging.

Santa Clara, CA.— January 16, 2018 —GLF Integrated Power, a leading producer of innovative load switch solutions for wearable electronics, introduces the GLF73510 IQSmart™ IC, designed to virtually eliminate wearable and IoT device battery discharge during standby or deep-sleep operation. The GLF73510 consumes an industry-leading ultra-low leakage current (ISD) of 2 nA (typ.), as much as 1,000 times less than other manufacturers’ chips commonly used in this application. 

Wearable and IoT devices are seeing a sharp rise in demand. Consumers expect smaller devices with more features as well as fewer interruptions and at lower prices. Thus, system designers are challenged to come up with ever more compact, lightweight products that have a longer battery life. 

This White Paper addresses the latest available technologies and design practices that can decrease the power consumption and increase the battery life of wearable devices. It also describes the devices that designers need to consider when creating a low-power wearable system. 
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GLF Integrated Power, Inc. announces partnership agreement with SEMTRON Co., Ltd. for sales and distribution in Korea.

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GLF Integrated Power, Inc. announces that it has entered into a distribution partnership with STComponent Co., Ltd. in Taiwan.

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